Updated 04 October 2016

WATCH: The revolution will be spiralised

How to make a pasta salad without the pasta


You fell for the marketing and bought one of those spiralisers, right? That’s fine if you insist on doing the heavy lifting, but why bother when Woolies has a rainbow-coloured selection of veg that’s ready to eat? Very versatile, try the butternut spaghetti with a Bolognese sauce, or make carbonara-style “zoodles” with baby marrow spaghetti tossed with a creamy egg and Parmesan sauce, scattered with crispy bacon bits. If you’re feeling virtuous (summer is just weeks away, after all), toss a few of them together to make this super-fresh salad with baby tomatoes, pea shoots, ricotta and a zesty dressing. Buying any two packs of veg spaghetti gets you R10 off, so it’s an easy decision, really. Go ahead, mix and match.

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