Updated 03 January 2017

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The best part? There’s hardly any effort involved at all.


Like the idea of making your own fresh fruit and veg juices or smoothies, but just can’t see yourself waking up an hour early to wash and chop your way to virtuousness? Woolies understands. They’ve got a range of five different juice packs containing your favourite flavour combos of washed and chopped fruit and veg.

Grab the Red juice-mix pack, for a beetroot, apple and mint sensation; the Seasonal Green pack, if you like the sound of apple, pineapple, cucumber and granadilla; the Green pack, for an apple, cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon zest and mint combo, or the Orange pack, filled with carrots, pineapple, lemon and ginger. Simply pop into your juicer or whizz up in a blender with some plain yoghurt, sip and pat yourself on the back.


Get your daily fruit and veg fix by stocking up on Woolies’ Easy to Juice packs.


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