Updated 12 October 2016

The anatomy of the perfect lasagne

We deconstruct this family favourite in all its meaty, cheesy, moreish goodness


Garfield described lasagne as “the world’s most perfect food” and we tend to agree. What isn’t better with melted cheese, after all? Here we deconstruct what makes it so moreish.

1. BOLOGNESE SAUCE – The base of every good lasagne is savoury, rich, thick and hearty and made like your Italian nonna would using beef mince and tomato.

2. THE PASTA – A store-cupboard staple and signature element of this dish, the tip is to just cook dry pasta sheets before assembling the lasagne.

3. THE BECHAMEL SAUCE – The creamy complement to the meaty sauce, we wager this rich roux is what keeps you coming back for more.

4. THE CHEESY TOPPING – The crispy edges of golden, bubbly grilled cheese are undoubtedly the highlight of this dish.

No time to make it from scratch? You’ll love this week’s Italian eat-in deal, which includes Woolies’ much-loved fresh traditional beef lasagne – made with 100% durum wheat semolina, free-range eggs and sun-ripened tomatoes for sweetness and flavour –plus a side (such as garlic potatoes or a crunchy summer salad) and dessert of tiramisu, all for under R150. What could be easier? Shopping online, of course. Shop the deal here.


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