Updated 04 October 2016

3 ways with mince you’ve never thought of before

Hint: think Asian street food.


Want to score serious braai cred at your next soiree? Give it a street-food theme.

Think about what people love doing at a braai – standing around the fire with a glass/bottle of something special. So, the next time you’re shopping for braai recipes think Asian-style kebabs. You can pile them onto platters when they’re done and pass them round as finger food – no table settings required. 

And aside from your standard chicken espetada (though no-one’s knocking them), these ideas use everyone’s favourite staple mince – beef, chicken or lamb – which just happens to be at Woolworths’s everyday low price.

1. Malaysian pork meatball satay
Roll 500 g pork mince into small balls and thread onto skewers. Mix freshly chopped coriander, a little coconut milk, honey, tamarind and finely chopped green chilli. Brush the pork meatballs with the marinade and chargrill over hot coals for 5 minutes a side, basting as you go.

2. Lamb kofta kebabs
Mix 500 g minced lamb (or beef) with crushed garlic, chilli flakes, finely chopped coriander, a teaspoon of curry powder and a pinch of cinnamon. Shape into cylinders and thread onto skewers. Grill over hot coals for 5 minutes a side.

3. Indonesian chicken satay
Roll 500 g chicken mince into balls and thread onto a skewer. In a small saucepan over medium heat, heat a few spoons of peanut butter with a small can of coconut cream and some chopped lemongrass. Brush the chicken kebabs with marinade and cook over hot coals for 5 minutes a side, basting generously.

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