Updated 21 November 2014

Week 11: 29 weeks to go!

Congratulations! Your baby is now a foetus!

Congratulations! Your baby finally qualifies as a foetus! The foetal period lasts until birth and is a time when the organs, muscles and systems begin to function.

What is happening to your baby:

  • Your baby weighs about 7 grams.
  • The baby’s head is about twice its length.
  • Irises start to develop.
  • Fingernails start to form.
  • Hair starts to grow.
  • In girls the clitoris and labia are complete.
  • Liver, intestines, brain and lungs start to function independently.
  • Placental function becomes established.

What is happening to you:

Your uterus is about the size of a grapefruit. You may be experiencing headaches. If it is not caused by hypertension, it can be can be relieved with mild analgesics. Your appetite may have increased because you are less plagued by nausea.

What to do:

Visit your doctor for a check-up. Your doctor may perform an NT (nuchal fold thickness) scan and blood tests to detect Down’s syndrome and other abnormalities.


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