05 December 2003

Waist exercise, your pregnancy

Follow these guidelines for an excellent waist exercise.

Kneel facing a table or wall and either hold onto the table firmly with both hands or stabilise yourself against a wall. Your knees should be directly underneath you. Stretch your bent left leg out to the side and hinge your body over to the left, tucking in and squeezing your buttocks. Close your hip by rolling it forward so that your heel can lift off the carpet. You should feel an instant pinching in your waist. If not, you are not doing the exercise correctly. In this case, stop and reposition yourself. If you feel the pinch in your lower back, it means that your leg is too far back. Move it into a straight line at right angles to your body.

Once you have positioned yourself correctly, lift and lower your leg ten times without letting your foot drop to the carpet. On the last lift, hold your leg up and try to flex your foot and point it several times. Repeat with the right leg.

This is essentially a waist exercise, but you will eventually feel it working your buttocks and your thigh muscles as well.


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