07 January 2016

Pregnancy test? There's an app for that!

Baby on the way? Bluetooth pregnancy test will tell your phone, then email family and friends.


Pregnancy-test maker First Response is introducing a new Bluetooth-enabled stick that still requires nature's call.

But it'll also distract a would-be mom with in-app videos or quizzes from BuzzFeed while she waits three minutes before getting her answer.

Pregnancy tests have evolved rapidly from sticks with one or two lines, to digital readouts that say "yes" or "no" to tests that can detect a likely pregnancy several days before a missed period.

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Competitor Clear Blue also offers a digital test that it says can estimate the number of weeks a woman has been pregnant prior to taking the tests.

Having the test talk to your phone may be a new development.

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The app is designed to stick around as a resource for expectant mothers; it offers a calendar aid for calculating the likely due date and assistance for reaching out to a doctor and for letting others in on the news via texts and email.

First Response says the tests will ship to stores in the spring and should cost $14.99 (R239) or $21.99 (R351) depending on where they're sold.

That's a bit more than the company's other digital and analogue versions that offer two for $9.99 (R159) or $14.99 (R239)

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