24 April 2008

Greatest drug prevention - Mom

A caring mother is the single most important factor in preventing drug abuse amongst youngsters, a study found.


Not only is a mother's love unconditional ... it also can keep you off drugs.

A caring mother is the single most important factor in preventing youngsters from taking drugs, said researchers at Newcastle University in England.

Steady families prevent teen drug abuse
They surveyed 3,984 youngsters, aged 14-15, in a number of European countries. The teens were far less likely to have drug or alcohol habits if they had a close attachment to their mother, lived with both parents and had good family relationships.

The rate of drug abuse among those youngsters was 16.6 percent. That rose to 32 per cent for teens with only one of those factors. Drug abuse was 42.3 per cent in youngsters if they didn't live with both parents and had poor family relationships.

The study's findings appeared in the April 2002 issue of the journal Addiction.

The researchers said that the study shows the link between the lack of quality in family life for young people and drug abuse. Yet, it's a point that is largely absent from drug prevention campaigns, they said.


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