Why I still breastfeed my toddler

Despite the strange looks she gets and the challenges that come with breastfeeding a toddler, this Health24 writer is adamant to continue for as long as she can.

Ear today, gone tomorrow!

What do you do when an annoying little insect has crept into your ear or one of the kids has pushed a bead up his nose?

Ferm liefde – dissipline wat werk

Daardie karnallie sonder ore wat 27 keer aangesê moet word om sy klere op te tel, kan tog ’n gehoorsame sonstraal van ’n kind word. Al wat hy nodig het, is ’n skoot ‘ferm liefde’ . . .

Dyslexia: the broken link

Dyslexia can make simple tasks like operating an ATM impossible. The exact cause of dyslexia is unkown, but we look at some of the treatments that exist to overcome the condition.

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Denise Coates says...

Just by going to a Government hospital, you life span goes DOWN! Life expectancy in SA drops by 4.3 years
Miracle baby Allegra turns two

Allegra Lategan was born at 22 weeks and weighed a mere 500g. No-one was sure she'd survive, but this month she turns two.

All about autism

Read more about the signs and symptoms of autism in both babies and older children.

How to get your kids to really talk to you

Does it seem like an effort to get your children to say anything to you besides, “Fine"? Lack of communication can make parents feel closed off from their own kids.

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