North West crèche gets criminals as neighbours

An abandoned building in the North West once used as a posh guesthouse for politicians has become a hideout for criminals who are making the lives of toddlers at a next-door crèche a nightmare.

Protect your child from winter sun

When the temperatures start to drop, it’s easy to forget that the winter sun is just as dangerous and harmful to skin. Here's how to protect your child during the next few months.

Just how heavy is your child's school bag?

How heavy is your child's school bag? Experts say it shouldn't be more than 10% of their body weight. Any more and they are being set up for spinal problems later in life. Here's what to do.

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Its my 3rd year ,I'm so proud of me The health benefits of donating blood
Breastfeeding and work - how to make it work

Most women do not receive adequate maternity protection and returning to work is often a barrier to breastfeeding. But, according to the law, this should not be the case as working moms in South Africa are entitled to breaks for breastfeeding.

Mom finds 'live worms' in Nestlé baby cereal

A mother has expressed shock after finding what she thought were maggots in Nestlé's Cerelac cereal. Nestlé sets the record straight, and an expert has advice about insect infestation in your kitchen.

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Novel health supplement now available in SA stores

Omega Caro-E, a locally developed and patented fish oil supplement is now available in South Africa.


Reduce bladder leakages by clenching

Stirling Gravitas, gold medallist at life, explains how to beat those bladder leakages!