Foreign virus targets unvaccinated kids

If unvaccinated people travel abroad, they may bring diseases like measles back and infect children who are unprotected because their parents chose not to vaccinate them.

Fitter kids seem to be smarter

Researchers found that fitter kids have faster and stronger brain responses during reading, resulting in better reading performance and language comprehension.

African American kids more likely to drown

African American children lack basic swimming skills in greater numbers than their white or Hispanic counterparts, which means that they are much more likely to drown in swimming pools.

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Henning Venter says...

Ryan, yes the world is over populated, this is not the only virus that cam wipe us out. Remember the flu. James the problem with Africa is that we still use bush meat. some of the... Could Ebola hit SA?
Pregnant women may need iodide supplements

Research suggests that about one-third of pregnant women in the US are marginally iodine deficient and that supplementation could protect the brains of their babies.

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