Abused kids not destined to be abusive parents

A study has found that the conventional belief that abused kids will grow up to be abusive adults, is not necessarily accurate. Instead parents who have experienced child abuse are less likely to abuse their own children.

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Anne-Marie Smal Van Tonder says...

Sorry to me anorexia is a choice YOU made. It's like suicide (it's a choice). I don't feel sorry for people doing this to themselves. If you and your husband wanted help you... 18 kg anorexic woman begs for help after hospitals say she is too thin to treat
Warning for mothers against at-home enemas

A doctor has called on mothers should not administer homemade, soap-based enemas after a Pretoria infant risked dehydration following an attempt to rid her of tapeworms.

Nestlé slashes sugar in Nesquik

Nestlé SA is cutting the added sugar in its Nesquik flavoured milk products and it will also no longer contain artificial colours or flavours.

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