26 March 2007

Young champions need your help

A recent life skills development workshop held in Alexandra by Women and Men Against Child Abuse found a significant lack of role models within the community.

A recent life skills development workshop held in Alexandra by Women and Men Against Child Abuse found a significant lack of role models within the community.

In response to the question “Do you have a strong father/male role model? Describe them. 32% either had no male role model or an abusive one. Some of the responses by the children included:

“No, I don't have a male role model, my father always beat my mom or threaten her to kill her in front of me and tell us that my mother is a b…..”

“No, because he don't know how to control his temper e.g. When he get drunk he will call me b…. saying the word.”

Without intervention these children will model the behaviour of the current role models they have and thereby perpetuation the cycle of abuse and violence. Women and Men Against Child Abuse have identified a need for a workshop in Alexandra that can give these youngsters access to new role models that demonstrate good values and self respect.

Each role model will be carefully chosen to reflect the following values: self worth, self respect, self esteem, taking responsibility for their actions, respect for women, healthy and responsible sexuality.

By exposing teenagers to the programme, we aim to provide them with:
A sense of self awareness, self worth, self respect and self esteem to those participating.
Encourage teenagers to become role models in their communities.
Encourage teenagers to take responsibility for their actions and to understand the consequences of what they choose to do.
Introduce them to role models that demonstrate respect for self and women.
Create within them a healthy and empowered outlook on sex and sexuality

List of schools participating:
Minerva High 14 April (Saturday)
East Bank High 21 April (Saturday)
Realogile High 28 April (Saturday)
Alex High 5 May (Saturday)
Kwabhekilanga High 12 May (Saturday)
Number of children participating: 2500

We would like to give each of these children a small gift to take home as a reminder of the workshop.

All the gifts don't need to be the same - If you can donate 10 pens or 20 caps we will be grateful.

Can you assist us in making this workshop special?

Wish List:
Chairs to use and return - 150 for each Saturday
Sound system - to use and return for each Saturday
A mobile air-conditioner - to use and return each Saturday
Printing of 2500 certificates for the children to take home (your company logo will appear on the certificate)
10 cell phones as a big prize for each day.
Fruit or snacks
A small drink for each child
Any other item that might suit teenagers.

Please call me if you have any queries: 073-235-1571 or tel: (011) 789-8815




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