07 March 2017

8 ways to protect your family from worms

Prevention is always better than cure – and never more so than with worms.


Deworming your family has become a lot easier and more affordable, but staying free of these pesky parasites is the real challenge. Here are eight ways to protect your family from getting infected:

1. Keep children’s fingernails short and clean to keep dirt containing worm eggs from getting lodged under their nails.

2. Stop your pets from giving worms to the family by putting them on a parasite control programme from your vet.

3. Wash your hands before handling food.

4. Wash all fruit, salads and vegetables before use.

5. Rinse all meats before preparing them for cooking.

6. Make sure your children wash their hands with soap and clean water after using the toilet.

7. Do not drink water that may be dirty.

8. Wear shoes to stop worms entering through the feet.

Check out this list of treatment options and symptoms if you suspect you have a worm infestation in your home. 





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