Updated 31 March 2016

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What you need to know about HIV, CD4 counts and your life insurance policy

People who are HIV-positive can get life insurance for up to R5m in SA – but who qualifies, and will it cost a fortune?

Why it's so important to stick to your ARV treatment plan

Antiretroviral medicine can play a huge part in preventing positive people from transmitting the virus – but only if they keep their viral loads undetectable.

Actor Charlie Sheen talks to TV's Dr Oz about being HIV positive and why he sought out a quack to cure him

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Oz, Charlie Sheen explains why he decided to stop taking his HIV medicine.

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7 ways coughing can injure your body

The average cough lasts between two and three weeks and usually causes no serious physical damage – but beware when a cough turns violent!

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Can you reverse your heart's age? Air purifiers may protect your heart against pollution

You're not too young to have a heart attack

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