Updated 26 November 2015

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102-year-old KZN woman can see again after cataract surgery

A 102-year-old woman is among twelve elderly patients from Kwa-Zulu Natal who recently had their cataracts removed and their sight restored.

Relief for long surgery waiting times in Gauteng

Long waiting times for cataract surgeries in Gauteng hospitals may be a thing of the past with surgery blitzes on the cards.

How a neurologist can examine your brain through your eyes

Scientists can now examine your eyes to determine pressure in the brain – an important part of diagnosing serious neurological conditions.

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Exercise benefits for seniors »

Working out in the concrete jungle Even a little exercise may help prevent dementia Here’s an unexpected way to boost your memory: running

Seniors who exercise recover more quickly from injury or illness

When sedentary older adults got into an exercise routine, it curbed their risk of suffering a disabling injury or illness and helped them recover if anything did happen to them.