Updated 29 October 2015

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UK surgeons use stem cells to treat macular degeneration

A successful operation using embryonic stem cells to treat “wet” macular degeneration (AMD) was recently performed in Britain.

Can more time outside keep our kids’ eyes healthy?

Children who spend more time playing outside have a lower risk of developing nearsightedness and, as a result, are less likely to need glasses.

New discovery may lead to better glaucoma drugs

Researchers are excited about the prospect of developing a new class of drugs to treat glaucoma, an eye disease that affects tens of millions of people.

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Working out in the concrete jungle Even a little exercise may help prevent dementia Here’s an unexpected way to boost your memory: running

Seniors who exercise recover more quickly from injury or illness

When sedentary older adults got into an exercise routine, it curbed their risk of suffering a disabling injury or illness and helped them recover if anything did happen to them.