Updated 09 December 2015

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When we suddenly develop a strange allergy without knowing the cause, many of us rush off to whoever is in vogue to have ourselves tested.

Health24's Allergy Expert Dr Adrian Morris says Challenge Testing is the “Gold Standard” for allergy testing.

This is when you are actually exposed to the suspected allergen in a controlled manner. This could include having traces of pollen sprayed up your nose and into the eyes or being given a minute taste of peanut butter.

Challenge testing should not be tried at home, but rather in a controlled medical environment, in case of a severe reaction. 

If a reaction occurs, the challenge is stopped and antihistamine medication administered immediately.

The best (and most accurate) test is the “Double Blind Placebo Controlled Challenge Test” where neither the patient nor tester knows what is in the test product and what is placebo.

If your allergy remains undiagnosed, make an appointment with a registered allergist to have the Challenge Test.

Read up on how to spot an allergy test scam.

Visit our Allergy Centre to learn more about hay fever and other allergies.


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