Updated 09 December 2015

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Exercise and sport can help control ADHD symptoms as it raises the baseline levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain.

But not all sports are suitable and you should choose sports that have a social aspect that makes your child feel part of a group without being overwhelmed. Soccer and cricket are fine for older kids with ADHD, but not for young ones.

Younger children should rather try sports such as karate, tennis, wrestling, judo or gymnastics that involve the learning of routines, which can encourage concentration.

A sport such as archery can develop patience and focus.

Always go along with your child's "buy-in" and encourage them to do the activity as long as it's enjoyable and not seen as a chore. 

Learn more about managing your child's ADHD at school.

Head on over to our ADHD Centre for more on managing the condition.


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