Updated 10 June 2015

How is your medical aid doing?

There are two problems with medical aid. One, you as a patient do not and cannot have access to the information your doctor holds, and, two, you probably don’t understand what your medical scheme plan offers and withholds.

These factors skew the power away from the patient.  Yet, the health care sector, unlike commercial markets, is governed by the supreme law of the land, the constitution, which, in Section 27, makes the “right to health” a right citizens are entitled to.

So how do we bring corporations engaged in providing healthcare (your medical aid provider, for instance), closer to fulfilling your rights as a citizen? How can we get them to be more transparent, and caring in their service to you? They're taking (lots of) your hard-earned money, after all.

One way is to raise your concerns directly with the Competition Commission’s Market Inquiry into the Private Health Care Sector, which is inviting responses from ordinary people like you. By doing so, the public will have a stronger voice in how our healthcare and insurance is managed, bringing the power back to the people - where it belongs.

Read up on why this is important, and how to communicate your concerns.


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