27 March 2017

Want to avoid heart problems?

Want to avoid heart problems? Then get on your bike! A recent study involving some 45,000 Danish adults who were monitored over a 20-year period shows that those who regularly rode a bicycle – to get to work or just for fun – suffered from 11 to 18% fewer heart attacks than their non-cycling peers. And you don’t have to be a Tour de France level enthusiast to reap the benefits. The results suggest that just half an hour of peddling a week offers increased protection against coronary artery disease.


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Aid your digestion What are digestive disorders?

Are you really constipated?

Many people think that if they do not have two or more bowel movements every single day of their lives they are constipated. This is patently not true, writes DietDoc.

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Stop believing these 10 allergy myths

Do you still believe that hay fever is caused by hay? Or that food allergies are really common? No, and no again. We bust 10 myths about allergies.