16 March 2016

Top 10 healthy foods for kids

Top 10 healthy eating tips for kids! Children must eat a variety of foods to ensure the essential nutrients needed for healthy growth. Teach your child healthy eating habits now and lay a good foundation for life. Here's how: Encourage children to eat a variety of foods; Feed children five small meals a day; Make starchy foods the basis of a child’s main meals; Children need plenty of vegetables and fruit everyday Children need to drink milk everyday; Children can eat chicken, fish, meat, eggs, beans, soya or peanut butter everyday; If children have sweet treats or drinks, offer small amounts with meals; Offer children clean, safe water regularly; Take children to the clinic every 3 months; Encourage children to play and be active. Source: Department of Health



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Exercise benefits for seniors »

Working out in the concrete jungle Even a little exercise may help prevent dementia Here’s an unexpected way to boost your memory: running

Seniors who exercise recover more quickly from injury or illness

When sedentary older adults got into an exercise routine, it curbed their risk of suffering a disabling injury or illness and helped them recover if anything did happen to them.