Updated 05 January 2016

Increase your willpower

Personal development guru Daniel Branch gives these 7 tips on how to improve your willpower: 1. Practice holding out and withdrawal. The longer you can go while holding back the better your self control will get. 2. Stay distracted. When you come to something you want to do, but know you need to hold off, use distraction to help calm your urges 3. Repeat to yourself that you don’t need to do something and you need something else. Fill in the blanks with real motives. 4. Learn everything you can. If you are trying to quit something that might be bad for you, then learn why. 5. Reward yourself for resisting. 6. Refuse to ___ If you refuse to do something and make yourself stubborn, then you will be able to control the things you do. 7. Make it a core belief that you are in control of your life and you choose what you do


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