11 April 2016

Instant mood booster!

Instant mood booster: Ladies, sniff his dirty laundry! This is one for the ladies, and one we must admit is pretty bizarre. According to the Biology of Reproduction journal, smelling your man’s dirty laundry is an instant mood booster. Strange, right? It gets even weirder. The researchers who proved this fact carried out the study by putting the perspiration of a deodorant-free man onto the upper lips of women, who reported that they felt much happier than before. Who knew the laundry basket could make you smile so much? Researchers suggest that the smell of their partner’s perspiration makes women feel a sense of comfort and familiarity, ultimately lifting their mood. So ladies, next time you need a quick boost, simply head on over to the laundry basket for a quick mood boost. Just don’t let him catch you. Source:


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