01 March 2016

Improve your posture

Improving posture through exercise. Probably the best examples of good posture are those shown by young children, whose natural activities clearly demonstrate that most of them have excellent posture. For example, think about how a young child watches television. Invariably they will sit on the floor completely upright and with a straight back. However, if you ask adults to adopt the same position, most will begin to fatigue within a minute, and may end up slouching forwards and supporting their weight on their knees. The reason for this is that adults usually sit down on soft, inviting sofas – a seated position that requires no effort from the back, abdominal or core muscles. If the muscles aren’t used, they will lose condition via the ‘use it or lose it’ principle. Source:


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Exercise benefits for seniors »

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Seniors who exercise recover more quickly from injury or illness

When sedentary older adults got into an exercise routine, it curbed their risk of suffering a disabling injury or illness and helped them recover if anything did happen to them.