Updated 18 February 2016

Boost your adrenals

Adrenal fatigue, also known as burnout, is not always recognised by the medical fraternity but it is real enough for those who suffer a combo of symptoms such as morning fatigue, low libido, muscle weakness, poor focus, inflammation, difficulty sleeping, irritability, sugar cravings, weight gain and increased allergies. If this sounds like you, pop in to the health shop for some Ashwagandha, an adaptogenic herb popular in Ayurvedic medicine that is known as the 'strength of the stallion' for its positive effects on the immune system and stress relieving properties.


Live healthier

Exercise benefits for seniors »

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Seniors who exercise recover more quickly from injury or illness

When sedentary older adults got into an exercise routine, it curbed their risk of suffering a disabling injury or illness and helped them recover if anything did happen to them.