02 June 2017

From sea lions to transgenders: These are today's top 5 health stories

Want to catch up on the latest health news? These are the stories you must read.


Here's what your gym is cutting back on amid the water crisis

Amid the Western Cape water crisis – the region was declared a disaster area last Monday – the province's health and fitness club groups are trying to do their bit, something which hasn't been met with an entirely favourable response.

Considering the flu shot this year?

Winter is en route and with it comes the dreaded influenza (flu). Remember? The flu was the reason you used all your sick leave last year and kept you from breathing through your nose for quite a while.

SEE: Girl snatched by sea lion treated for bacterial infection

Doctors are saying the girl may have suffered more than just trauma from the harrowing experience.

Ditch the juice and eat the whole fruit to prevent disease

We're so busy that we often find it difficult to eat all the fruits and vegetables we need on a daily basis. Juicing is the latest trend where you simply blend your favourite fruit and vegetables and enjoy a glass of pure nutrients.

Transgender people report more health problems

Former US Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner captured the world's attention when he announced that he was a woman trapped in a man's body. New research has found that transgender adults struggle more with their health than other people, and researchers say they can't explain away the disparity by blaming poverty or poor lifestyle habits.




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Gross fungal infections you can pick up at the gym

You go to gym to exercise. But make sure the only thing you pick up is a dumbbell and not one of these gross fungal infections.

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Your 10-step asthma holiday checklist

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