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Rustenburg's shocking rape crisis exposed

A hard-hitting report reveals the disturbing levels of rape in Rustenburg, where some women are not aware that a treatment to prevent HIV can be taken after rape.

Limpopo disabled fed up with local hospital

Disabled residents of Vhembe in Limpopo recently held a protest at the district offices of the Department of Health in Thohoyandou against poor treatment by their local hospital.

Rural disabled struggle with healthcare

A recent University of Stellenbosch psychology doctorate looks at the barriers people with disabilities in the Eastern Cape face when trying to access healthcare.

Community angry after clinic dumps files

When patients’ private records with sensitive information from a local clinic were found strewn across a local dumpster in Standerton, the town was in uproar.

QwaQwa water crisis deepens

QwaQwa residents complain that they have been hard hit by the water crisis, saying they go for days without fresh water, resulting in health problems.

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