Updated 06 June 2017

Africa’s largest healthcare exhibition starts tomorrow! Plan your FREE visit

Leading professionals to tackle Africa's burning health issues at the continent's largest healthcare exhibition in Johannesburg.


Africa’s largest healthcare exhibition, the Africa Health Exhibition and Conference, is set to take place in Johannesburg next week.

Thousands of healthcare professionals along with suppliers and manufacturers are expected to be in attendance at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, from 7-9 June, for the  7th annual edition of the event.

While scientific and technological breakthroughs are changing the way doctors treat and manage diseases, many developing nations across Africa still lack basic resources and infrastructure to provide quality healthcare – challenges the conference aims to address.

Alongside the exhibition, which is free to the public, there will also be discussions at 13 accredited conferences covering Africa’s key healthcare issues, focusing on the continent’s response to emerging health threats, managing health technology, and building sustainable hospital infrastructure, among others.

According to a statement, discussions will include a ministerial panel on cross-border cooperation and governance in healthcare investment, as well a strong focus on policy making and the support environment for greater access to medicine and health technology in Africa.

In a statement, Jamie Hill, Director at Informa Life Sciences Group Africa, said, “Rapid advancements in medical technology are shaping the healthcare landscape of the future, but the over-riding challenge is determining how these advancements can be made accessible to developing countries on the continent.”

Hill explains that the healthcare community is making significant strides in driving advancements to some of the most pressing issues facing the developing world. “Collaboration in the industry has become essential in order to ensure that the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are met – particularly in Africa.”

According to the statement, proceeds from the event will be donated to two local charities.




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