Updated 21 June 2013

SSISA launches Corporate Performance Seminar

SSISA psychologist Clinton Gahwiler - psychologist to many of SA’s top sportsmen and women - has launched a new seminar.


Sports Science Institute of SA (SSISA) psychologist Clinton Gahwiler psychologist to many of SA’s top sportsmen and women, lifestyle change guru, songwriter & guitarist for SAMA-nominated band Macstanley, and ultimately family-man and father of 3 has become adept at juggling various hats.

His new IN THE ZONE seminar combines his sport and health psychology expertise with practical learnings from his own ‘juggling’ experiences in an engaging 1-day seminar. IN THE ZONE summarises the core strategies which are needed to ensure both peak performance and sustainable well-being.

Contrary to popular belief, peak performance and general health and well-being are not mutually exclusive. Rather, they complement and enable each other – with the most effective people integrating them on a day-to-day basis. The seminar summarises the information and steps which are needed to achieve this. Gahwiler uses sports examples to illustrate many of the points.

In a sporting context the term being “in the zone” refers to a state in which the sportsman or woman is fully engaged in the present task. This enables them – even under pressure to access the skills that have been trained in over the years. Through many anecdotes from his significant experience with elite athletes and teams, Gahwiler uses this term to help course participants identify their own personal ‘zone’ of optimal functioning in life and business.

The aims of the IN THE ZONE seminar are as follows:

  • To provide an opportunity to ‘take stock’ of one’s life and of the efficiency with which one pursues one’s goals.
  • To summarize those core self-management strategies which enable both optimal performance and well-being, on a sustainable basis.
  • To present a simple framework for on-going self-evaluation.

Amongst others, people who would benefit from attending this seminar include those who would like to:

  • Enhance their capacity for quality work performance.
  • ’Juggle’ different life areas more effectively.
  • Minimize the negative impact of pressure.
  • Cope more effectively under the weight of expectation.
  • Benefit from making and maintaining positive lifestyle changes.
  • Break through existing mental barriers and manage their need for achievement.



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