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How almonds can help you lose weight

DietDoc discusses why the humble almond has become so popular that its ever-expanding production could threaten the future of agriculture in drought-plagued California.

Cholera kills 32 in South Sudan

As many as 5 000 children under five are at risk of dying from cholera unless urgent action is taken to contain the outbreak, says the United Nations.

Who are SA's biggest cheaters?

Would you consider it cheating if your partner was sending flirtatious texts to someone else? Apparently thousands of South Africans using their cellphones to cheat, don't see a problem with it!

First US measles death in 12 years

The US has reported its first measles death in twelve years after an autopsy revealed that a woman from Washington state was infected with the virus.

Parents shunning newborns' vitamin shot

Doctors have warned that ant-vaccine parents who refuse the vitamin K shot routinely given to newborns can lead to babies suffering from dangerous internal bleeding.

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