14 July 2010

Male cyclists needed

The UCT/MRC Research Unit is doing a study to determine whether there are changes in performance in cyclists when wearing three different technically developed vests.


Cyclists required for a research project conducted at the UCT/MRC Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Research Unit.

Our aim is to determine whether we can identify changes in performance, comfort and thermal responses in cyclists when wearing three different technically developed vests.

We are looking for highly trained male cyclists:

  • between the ages of 18 and 45 years;
  • who are training between eight to ten hours per week, with an Argus Cycle Tour 2010 performance  time of at  least 3h15;
  • who are, if possible, familiar with laboratory testing procedures; and
  • who must preferably be available both during the week and on the weekend.

Cyclists are required to visit the laboratory on five separate occasions for:   

  • preliminary analysis to determine peak oxygen consumption, peak power output, and maximum heart rate, as well as anthropometric measurements;
  • one 40 km familiarization time-trial; and
  • three self-paced, maximal 40 km time-trials, separated by a minimum of two, and a maximum of seven days - all time-trials will be performed in an environmental chamber under warm (32oC) and humid (65% relative humidity) conditions, with the wind speed set at 35 km/hr.

Analysis and measurements include pre- and post-exercise body mass, performance parameters, heart rate, rate of perceived exertion, comfort and thermal sensation and core and skin temperature responses.

In return, cyclists will receive:

  • a comprehensive report of their anthropometric assessments, useful performance parameters and performance data collected during the time-trials;
  • financial compensation for their time on completion of ALL time-trials; and
  • an opportunity to train indoors during winter!

If you are available during June and July 2010, interested in taking part in the study, and would like additional information, please contact:

Dr Elske Schabort

Contact number: (021) 650 4567/072 376 4946 email:

Dr Robert Lamberts

Contact number:(021) 650 4572/083 898 0429 email:

Mr Nicolas Tam

Contact number:  (021) 650 4569/083 280 8853 email:

Please apply before 31st July 2010

(June 2010)


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