Medicinal plants

How to grow a herb garden

Have you always wanted a herb garden but have no idea where to start? Follow our simple guidelines and soon you can also have a herb garden bursting with flavour and fragrance.

Why go the herbal route?

In the age of modern medicine, herbal remedies are often seen by many as archaic mumbo jumbo. But one must realise that up until the twentieth century, humans relied almost entirely on plants to treat every type of disease.

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Herbs A-Z

The medicinal properties of herbs and spices have been known for many centuries. Check out our list of over 500 to learn more.

Buchu - South Africa's 'miracle herb'

In South Africa buchu has been used as a folk remedy or 'boereraat' for centuries. Currently this 'miracle herb' is being marketed for a wide range of clinical applications, notably as an anti-inflammatory.

SA – a natural pharmacy?

Africa, and South Africa specifically, is blessed with a vast variety of medicinal herbs and plants, resulting in a rich heritage of traditional remedies, still in use today.

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