Updated 19 April 2013

Can poor nutrition contribute to stress?

When it comes to stress, we tend to only consider external factors as possible reasons. However, have you considered that poor nutrition could be a trigger for stress?



Most of us experience a degree of stress in our lives – it’s part of being a human being. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and we seek out ways to actively reduce the levels of stress we feel. While many see external factors as solutions – changing jobs, moving homes, getting rid of toxic relationships or bad habits – it could be that what you’re feeding yourself is making you feel anxious and on edge. Or what you’re not feeding yourself. If you’re always feeling stressed out, it could be that you’re not getting enough of the following:

Complex carbs: these stimulate serotonin production in the brain and stabilize your blood sugar.

Vitamin C: studies have shown that consuming Vitamin C before a stressful task can reduce the level of stress experienced. Oranges, blueberries and strawberries are all a great source of Vitamin C.

Green leafy vegetables: You may not love the taste of spinach but it contains loads of magnesium which is proven to reduce stress. The darker the leaf, the more nourishment it contains.

Fatty fish: Fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines are loaded with good fatty acids, essential for healthy brain functioning and a great way to prevent a surge in stress hormones.

Potassium: Potassium is vital for our muscles to move, our nerves to fire and our kidneys to purify our blood. Symptoms of potassium deficiency include fatigue, anxiety, lethargy and even depression. Get your potassium from foods such as bananas, spinach and avocado.

Getting all the nutrients you need to make sure your body functions to its best ability can be difficult, not to mention expensive. While it’s easier now not to worry about whether you’re getting the vitamins and supplements you need, the long-term effects can include inflammation, low bone density, high cholesterol levels, and high blood sugar, which can lead to even more serious conditions and over time, chronic illness. A good way to ensure your body gets what it needs is to supplement your diet with the correct vitamins and nutrients. This can be confusing, since there are many brands and options on the market, and everyone has different nutritional needs depending on the demands of their lifestyle. There is a smart solution in the form of VitaBox, a vitamin-subscription service carefully put together by wellness experts and endorsed by Health24.

VitaBox is the easy way to ensure your body gets all the vitamins and nutrients it needs, even when your diet isn’t perfect. Each VitaBox is tailored to a specific set of needs, so for example, the GoBox is formulated expecially for stressed individuals, and is packed with vitamins and minerals that flood the body with stress-busting nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, B-complex vitamins and adaptogens, a potent form of plant nutrient. The Co-enzyme Q10 also helps the body process energy so that you feel healthy, calm and ready to go at all times.

Visit VitaBox to find out more and figure out which one is for you, and give your body its best chance at health today. Delivery is free to your door, and there is a complete money-back guarantee. What have you got to lose, aside from the extra stress?

- (Vitabox advertorial, January 2013)


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