27 November 2008

Human Pin Code: The Sacred Maths in your Birth Date

Does your birthday mean anything, really? Do those numbers add up to anything other than an attempt to find meaning?


by Douglas Forbes, with Richard Higgins

According to the flyleaf of this book, Forbes has a PhD in Metaphysics and has travelled widely, exploring a wide range of esoteric, scientific and mathematical systems. Through this, he arrived at the Human Pin Code – essentially, a complex and sophisticated numerology (though he'd not be thrilled with that description).

But it's not a form of determinism. "Within our programming," he says, "there is a choice in how we respond to our environment, which is what makes each of us unique. Each number in a Pin Code has approximately ten 'active' and ten 'reactive' attributes. These are the tools in a personality toolbox – by knowing what tools we have, we can understand how our personality functions, and thereby make choices on how we wish to undertake our life."

I've had the privilege of both a private telephone reading with Forbes, and seeing him speak. He's larger than life, with a personality that seems divided between his giant intellect and a quite sweet playfulness. Certainly, he's convincing: in my private reading, there was plenty of food for thought; and this book is a must-read for anyone who's fascinated with numbers and whether, in fact, they have any power or meaning at all. It's difficult not to be a believer while in the depths of this book.

(Review by Heather Parker)

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