14 January 2014

'Stress stoppers' can calm you down

The American Heart Association offers a number of "emergency stress stoppers" to help calm you down.


The next time you feel you're under too much stress, the American Heart Association offers these "emergency stress stoppers" to help calm you down:

·         - Before you begin to speak, count to 10 and take several deep breaths.

·         - Walk away from whatever is stressful, and decide to return to it later.

·         - If there's a big problem, break it down into smaller problems that are easier to address individually.

·         - Take a walk. If you’re driving, stay in the slow lane, away from heavy traffic.

·         -  If you've made a mistake, say you're sorry.

·         - If you're repeatedly stressed about being late, set your watch five to 10 minutes ahead.

·         - Do something to make yourself happy, such as hugging, smelling a flower or giving someone a smile.

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