23 January 2012

Mind Games: complete list

Link from here to all the puzzles in the Mind Games series.


Mind Games 1
Intro to the series: why we need grey matter workouts.

Mind Games 2
We keep your brain ticking over with a couple of new brainteasers. We also look at optical illusions, which demonstrate how the mind deals with visual information.

Mind Games 3
More brain teasers and the "memory palace".

Mind Games 4
A couple of puzzlers to test logic, language and lateral thinking skills - plus a befuddling optical illusion, the "checkershadow".

Mind Games 5
Enter the labyrinthine world of maze-type puzzles with a red-brick road to the stars. Plus a mental camel race and a jewellery dilemma!

Mind Games 6
Stuck at the crossroads with an ancient brainteaser , and some tantalising F-words.

Mind Games 7
Wrap your mind around a million dollars, and sort out a combined Eskom-Telkom-City Council tangle!

Mind Games 8
We do some code-breaking – and feel moved by a mind-bending optical illusion.

Mind Games 9
A lone cowboy rides into town, and we get on first-name terms with some friendly abstract shapes.

Mind Games 10
We get a little bit obsessive about breakfast, and then focus our attention on an unusual game of basketball. 

Mind Games 11
We try for an “Aha!” moment and practise our mind-reading skills. 

Mind Games 12
Hone your detective skills to solve the Case of the Stolen Pressies, and unscramble some word salads, with festive results.

Mind Games 13
Help a frustrated clubber crack the code, and see how money grows on trees.

Mind Games 14
Design the perfect seating plan for a bewildering dinner party, and doodle a Droodle or two!

Mind Games 15
Discover your true identity, and help out an incompetent army of medieval muddlers

Do you have a great brain teaser? Please send it to us; we choose the best ones to feature on Mind Games.


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