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Posted by: First time mom | 2010/02/22


Tummy concerns

Good day doctor and all readers

My baby boy is almost 7 months, weighed 7.9 kg at last check up.
He has two teeth at the bottom and when it came out I had no problems at all, he didnt get sick. My concern now is that his tummy goes out a lot, whatever he eats or drinks it comes out. Is there anything that I can give him? He is not sick, its just his tummy - this has been going on for a few days now. Please advise what I can and cannot give him. Should I still continue to give him his milk bottle?

My second question is: I breasfed my baby for 4 months, my milk decreased because I came back to work then at some point I was on antibioticks and didnt want to breastfeed him. When my antibiotick finished I wanted to breasfeed again, but I think my milk dried up and I started with my period. Is there any way that I can start breasfeeding again?

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Your baby has diarrhoea which is not due to teething but is due to a gastric infection.If he attends a creche he may have developed the infection there. Let him continue on his formula but also offer him frequent sips of an electrolyte solution such as Rehidrat to replace fluid and salts which he is losing as a result of his diarrhoes. Giving him a probiotic such as Reuteri 5 drops daily for 10 days will also help him.

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Posted by: First time mom | 2010/02/23

Hi All

Thank you so much for the advice, it is much appreciated.

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Posted by: Purple | 2010/02/22

Yes you can start breastfeeding again.

You might have some trouble getting your son to latch again, as he''s used to bottles, so I suggest you get help from the la leche league with this.

in terms of getting your milk going again, express for a few minutes on each breast every few hours and you will start producing milk again, even if it is just a dribble in the beginning.
You can feed this milk to your son by bottle while you get things going.

You don''t need to stop breastfeeding when on antibiotics, just ensure that your doctor knows you are still breastfeeding (they tend to assume you aren''t once your baby reaches 6 months) so that you can be given one that is fine to use while breastfeeding, and be given a probiotic for your baby.

If baby has a runny tummy, avoid giving formula milk as it can make it worse (breastmilk doesnt'' have this effect). Also, give your baby an electrolyte solution or even watered down energade to replace lost fluids. If he''s off his solids, don''t worry too much, just ensure he''s getting enough liquids.
Sometimes if babies have a runny nose, because they''re swalloing everything their tummy runs too.

As you have started ovulating again, you will continue to have your periods even if you start breastfeeding again. Even if you hadn''t stopped feeding, most women find their period returns about two months after they start baby on solids. It differs for different women though.

A really good site with information on breastfeeding by an international board certified lactation consultant is w w w dot kellymom dot com It is american, but packed with well researched information on pretty much everything related to breastfeeding.

Good luck, I hope you manage to get your breastfeeding started again.

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