New developments in TB

TB: 6 million lives saved so far

This is the first paper in The Lancet series of tuberculosis. This paper focuses on the prevalence and curing of millions of people.

Multidrug-resistant forms of TB

The second paper in The Lancet series of tuberculosis. This paper focuses on the affects of multidrug-resistant TB, how they are identified and treated.

Strengthen the TB response

The seventh paper in the Lancet series on Tuberculosis (TB) shows how health system bottlenecks are impeding global efforts to control tuberculosis.

TB: get tested

This ancient disease is posing more of a global health emergency than ever – even though it is curable and cost-effective to treat.

XDR-TB breakthrough

South African scientists announced on Thursday that they have for the first time been able to fully decode the genetic blueprint to drug resistant tuberculosis.

Combining new drugs reduces TB

Papers four, five and six in The Lancet series on tuberculosis, looks at the effects of drugs, vaccines, biomarkers and diagnostics of TB.

TB can no longer be neglected

The eighth and final paper on the Lancet series on tuberculosis, a call to action is made to a wide range of sectors to assist scale-up TB service delivery, research and control.

Major TB jab trialled in SA

The first new vaccine against tuberculosis in more than 80 years has entered mid-stage trials in South Africa, where the killer disease is rife, scientists say.

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