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Posted by: | 2016/11/05


CPAP and oxygen levels - daytime sleepiness

Dear Dr, I had the polysomnogram. I have been sleeping very little, about 4 hours a night. Some nights I must be very tired then I sleep through, but hate waking up feeling groggy. I have been experiencing severe work related stress. The evening of the test I accidentally took an additional 1mg of Rivotril and also had a very bad headache so took stilpaine twice for it. For a change slept right through. For over 7 hours. And I usually wake up togo to the toilet. I;ve tried the additional Rivotril since then, but it doesn't help. If I sleep through I struggle a lot to wake up. So I have a phobia for it and if I wake up 2am then I stay awake. Bad habit. But I hat not being able to wake up. The Polysomnogram revealed sleep apnea, with my sats dropping to 83% at times. I had the CPAP test and my sats dropped to 50%. It is not possible? Is it? I'm sure it was a technical issue The sleep lab will borrow me a machine with a sats probe to confirm. I'm on Concerta for ADD, I take additional Methylphenidate and my Dr prescribed Provigil. I'm not supposed to drink both, but I did. I could get 20 from the pharmacy It's really costly. It has no effect on me. I had pituitary surgery for Cushings. My psychiatrist thinks the sleepiness has something to do with my endocrine problems. I take naps in the day, I sleep on the plane, and very deep. I could never do it. I can't take sleeping tablets, makes me groggy. Even melatonin. I stopped my Neurontin for chronic pain because it also made me groggy. Pain does wake me up. Back pain especially. I would appreciate your assistance

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