Your skin and the sun

7 tanning myths

Skin cancer is a threat to everyone. And no, sunbeds and tanning lamps are not all that safe.

Let the sun in safely

Celebrities and sportspeople spend hours in the sun at glamorous shoots and gruelling games. But they also spend years in the spotlight where they have to look their best.

Know your skin – cm x cm

The sun exposure you got as a child might only start affecting you now and may even cause skin cancer. The solution? Get up close and personal with your body's biggest organ.

Skin changes caused by UV

Suntan, sunburn and ageing - all ways in which the sun can affect your skin. But how does it all work? Get the lowdown here.

Parts of your body to watch

Melanoma can develop anywhere on the body, even the soles of your feet and parts of the body never exposed to the sun.

Protect your child from winter sun

When the temperatures start to drop, it’s easy to forget that the winter sun is just as dangerous and harmful to skin. Here's how to protect your child during the next few months.

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