Health tips

Skin care in autumn

As your summer tan fades to sallow yellow, the remains of mini-scars from insect bites and scratches from your camping trips could loom into view on your now-pale skin.

Fragrant ageing

Stay away from perfumed or flavoured suntan lotions which smell of coconut oil or orange if you want your skin to stay young.

Speel klaar met jeuk- en krapplekke

Meer son op jou vel gedurende die somermaande beteken ook meer velirritasies. Dit is ook 'n ope uitnodiging aan allerhande gediertes wat onder jou vel wil kom inkruip. Volg ons someroorlewingsgids en speel klaar met jeuk- en krapplekke.

Centrum tip - Licking your lips?

Don't lick your lips to moisten them. Unfortunately, even though saliva soothes momentarily, it eventually dries out the lips, irritating them even more.

Beware the blisters

There are few better ways to enjoy the great outdoors than doing a hiking trail.

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