Age and your skin

Ask the skin expert

Concerned about skin firmness? Wondering if you really need a serum? Dr Sven Fey, NIVEA’s head of Face Care development, answers questions about the multiple signs of ageing.

Your skin in your thirties

During your thirties, any persistent skin breakouts should dwindle. In their place will be the first signs of ageing.

Your skin in your twenties

The twenties are likely to see your skin at its best. You probably survived the agony of acne and your skin is clear, your pores invisible, and your complexion even and taut.

Your skin in your fifties

By the time you hit fifty, you’re ageing. It’s undeniable. But while your skin is becoming thinner and losing elasticity, there's no need to look old.

Your skin in your forties

The big four-oh can be an emotional milestone, but it’s also an important time for your skin. You’ll notice that your skin tone is a little duller and your pores look bigger.

Age and your skin

As you age, the collagen in the dermis of your skin gradually loses water, causing the skin to lose its elasticity and flexibility.

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