Belgium gives kids right to die

More than a decade after legalising euthanasia for adults, Belgium is set to extend mercy-killing to terminally-ill children.

Spiritual care rare at end of life

Physicians and nurses at four Boston medical centers cited a lack of training to explain why they rarely provide spiritual care for terminally ill cancer patients.

Palliative care experts in short supply

As baby-boomers age and the number of people with serious chronic illnesses continues to rise, the demand for experts in palliative medicine is sure to outstrip the supply.

Landmark right-to-die appeal dismissed

A British court has rejected appeals for the right to die by a paralysed road accident victim and the family of a deceased locked-in syndrome sufferer.

Mandela and the Old Man's Friend

There is a real risk that Nelson Mandela's own personal best interests could be overlooked because we find it hard to let go of him, says CyberShrink.

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