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Posted by: Andre | 2014/07/22


I have pain in Left Shoulder and arm

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Hiatal Hernia after complaining about abdominal pain. Medication prescribed was ALTOSEC, Nexium and then TopZole none of them helped. I still had the pain. Then I asked my GP to refer me to a Specialist to see if it something more Serious. A Cardiologist did an Angiogram of the heart. It was found that One Artery was 35% closed and 2 other 10% closed. No stents were inserted. Aspovor was prescribed for the LDL Cholesterol that was a bit high with Ecotrin as bloodthinner. 3 Month later I went to the ER as I got the shakes and internal tremors. The Doctor did an ECG and blood test revealed that my Bilirubin was high and I had signs of Jaundice in eyes. Ultrasound was done on the Gall Bladder and showed Gallstones. My Gallbladder was removed last year December. Since then My Original symptoms are still there. I went to a homeopath that did dark field microscopy on the blood. It still showed that there was some inflammation on the liver and that my pancreas was showing problems. Some herbal medication was prescribed and said it will be fixed within 10 days. A month later the symptoms are still the same. I went to another homeopath and he asked for a full blood test and liver function tests and Stool sample. Results came back as within normal range for Liver and Pancreas. He gave me some medication for Liver. He also said that I must take a parasite cleaner for possible parasite. Now today 2 weeks later there is not a lot better. What could my symptoms be? Need serious help……

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