Updated 03 May 2016

Don't let PMS get you down

PMS can leave you feeling irritable but luckily there is a natural, once-a-day medication you can take to beat those pesky symptoms.


Are you not feeling quite yourself for periods of time each month? Perhaps your are less tolerant, more angry, and irritable? 

Maybe this mood change has shown itself in an argument with your partner or you’re feeling sensitive to your boss’ constructive criticism. Or are your symptoms more physical, such as headaches or feeling uncomfortable due to bloating and fuller, tender breasts?

Ever wish that time of the month was more like the rest of the month?

Well if this is happening before your period starts and you’re back to feeling like your old self again once you begin to menstruate, it is likely to be Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

Good news— Premular® by Flordis is here to help. Premular, a specific extract of Vitex agnus castus Ze 440 (also known as chaste tree), offers clinically proven PMS symptom relief.

Reasons why you should be confident in using Premular as your number one choice for PMS Relief:

• Three published Premular trials show significant improvement in PMS symptom scores for women taking Premular over a 3-month period.

• One tablet of Premular a day is the effective dose.

• Worldwide usage & safety.

• 138 million daily doses sold worldwide since launch, with excellent safety profile / without the report of significant adverse events.

• Convenience.

• One small tablet taken daily.

• Good value.

• Clinically proven and cost efficient at 5.00 a day.

For more information, visit Flordis.

Always read the label. Use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.