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EU approves the world's first malaria vaccine

The world's first malaria vaccine, called Mosquirix, got a green light from the European Medicines Agency. who have recommended that it be licensed for use in babies in Africa at risk of the mosquito-borne disease.

Mosquito nets save lives

Even though malaria is a curable disease with effective treatment and prevention methods, it still takes the lives of 3 000 children and at least as many adults every day.

Malaria: the bug that changed genes

Genes that began mutating thousands of years ago when confronted by the malaria virus have evolved over the centuries to actually protect humans from the deadly disease.

Be malaria safe this holiday

Malaria is one of the most serious tropical diseases and can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated at an early stage.

Preventing malaria

Where are you taking your family this holiday? Just check whether it is an area where malaria is prevalent. Without taking proper precautions, your holiday could end in tragedy.

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