Head lice

Updated 13 July 2016

Help! The school says my child has lice!

4 steps to follow when your child has head lice!


Have you received a call from the school to say that your little prince or princess has head lice? Don’t panic mom, we’ve all been there!

Or if we haven’t, we could be there soon. Be prepared for this call and keep yourself one step ahead. 

Here are a few steps you can take to have your child back on the playground soon:

1. Keep your child out of school while they are undergoing treatment

The sooner you fetch your child from school the better. We advise this due to the contagious nature of the crawlers. Head lice are wingless creatures so they cannot spread by flying from one head to another, however, they do crawl very quickly in head-to-head contact. Children interact in close contact with one another at school and for this reason head lice spread throughout schools quite fast. 

2. Treat the head lice 

Visit your nearest pharmacy and purchase a non-toxic head lice solution as well as a head lice comb for picking out the nits. Due to the composition and mechanism of action in non-toxic head lice products, head lice are unlikely to develop resistance to them. 

A thorough initial treatment can take anything from 30 minutes or more depending on the severity of the infestation, so be sure to start treatment as soon as the head lice are detected. 

Apply the treatment solution directly to the hair and spread evenly from the roots to the tips of the hair, ensuring that the scalp is also covered. Thereafter, it is essential to manually remove the nits and the dead lice in the hair. Only use a precision-engineered comb specifically designed for lice removal in this process.

Depending on the treatment solution, you may be required to wash the solution off upon completion. By this stage, provided that the treatment was done correctly, your little one is ready to head back to the playground. 

3. Repeat the treatment after 7 days

Any nits or lice that you could have missed on the initial treatment will have grown and become easier to detect after 7 days. Treating again makes sure the full life cycle of the lice are covered and no more crawlers are left in the hair. 

4. Use a head lice repellent to avoid re-infestation

With your child back in the sandpit, a re-infestation is highly likely if you do not make use of a lice repellent. A good head lice repellent can assist to repel lice during an outbreak and keep mommy panic free! 

So the next time you get a call from the school to fetch your little prince or princess because they have head lice, remember these simple steps to keep you panic free!

Controlice® is a non-toxic range of products specifically designed to combat and repel head lice infestations.* The range of products contain active ingredients including plant oils as well as a dimethicone variant. Controlice® Oil Spray and Controlice® Head Rinse can be used to eliminate head lice already infesting the hair, whereas Controlice® Defence consists of a shampoo and spray which can be used to protect your family against new or a re-infestation of head lice.* The Controlice® Triple comb and Lice Buster are precision engineered combs ideal for picking out nits and combing out dead lice in the hair.* 

* For full instructions and more information refer to the package inserts. The active ingredients can assist to eliminate or repel head lice. Efficacy of support may vary between users. 
For more information on head lice treatments contact Nativa on 012 664 7110 or health@nativa.co.za or visit Nativa.    

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