Head lice

24 June 2016

Get through winter head lice free!

4 helpful tips to keep you and your children head lice free this winter.


Keeping head lice at bay is key all year round and with the weather starting to change, these crawlers find sneaky ways to move from one head to another.

It may seem harmless, but tightly cuddling your child with head lice might just leave you infested this winter. 

Here are a few helpful tips to keep you and your children head lice free:

1. Use a lice repellent

Head lice repellents are a simple way to keep the bugs away without changing your daily routine. During winter, substitute your child’s daily hair shampoo with a lice defence shampoo. There are a few on the market so try and choose an option that cleanses, moisturises and repels head lice to get the full benefit of the change. 

2. Avoid sharing your winter woollens 

We all love the woollen clothes and accessories that keep us warm during winter, but be warned that sharing these items can spread head lice. Teach your children not to share their beanies, scarves, gloves, jackets, or other items of clothing and head accessories with friends.

This can assist to avoid a new or re-infestation of head lice. In addition, consider washing these items more frequently during winter to ensure that they remain head lice free. 

3. Check and double check  frequently

Adult head lice lay up to 7 eggs or ‘nits’ per day. Nits can be difficult to detect due to their small size. It is important to thoroughly check the hair for head lice frequently for any lice that you could have missed.  The sooner lice are detected, the sooner you can take the necessary precautions to getting rid of them.  

4. If infested, take the necessary steps immediately

Treatments are available for purchase at local pharmacies and retail stores. Follow the on pack instructions carefully and remember to use a lice comb as part of the treatment to effectively remove the nits. We recommend always keeping a head lice treatment in your home for head lice emergencies.

These can be used for more than one treatment and make sure that when you need to combat head lice – you have your weapons ready. 

These simple winter adjustments can assist to keep you and your family head lice free during the winter, making sure that the cold weather is the only thing you need to worry about! 

Controlice® is a range of products specifically designed to combat and repel head lice infestations.* The range of products contain active ingredients including plant oils as well as a dimethicone variant.

Controlice® Oil Spray and Controlice® Head Rinse can be used to eliminate head lice already infesting the hair, whereas Controlice® Defence consists of a shampoo and spray which can be used to repel head lice and avoid re-infestation of head lice.*

The Controlice® Triple Comb and Lice Buster are fine toothed combs ideal for picking out nits and combing out dead lice in the hair.* 

* For full instructions and more information refer to the package inserts. The active ingredients can assist to eliminate or repel head lice. Efficacy of support may vary between users. 
For more information on head lice treatments contact Nativa (Pty) Ltd on 012 664 7110 or health@nativa.co.za or visit Nativa.  

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