Drink to your kidneys!

Celebrate World Kidney Day and keep your kidneys in top shape by starting your day with a glass of water!

Couple drinks own urine on TV

A British couple has caused a furore on Twitter after drinking their own urine on a prime-time TV breakfast show.

Urine samples unnecessary for UTIs

If a urinary tract infection is suspected, doctors often request a urine sample to test for the presence of bacteria. However, new research suggests that this step may be unnecessary.

More older men hospitalised for UTIs

Although urinary tract infections are much more common among women, older men who develop the condition are more likely to be hospitalised as a result.

Honey disappoints in infection test

Honey, touted as an effective germ-killer, offered no advantages over antibiotics in preventing wound infection in patients receiving peritoneal dialysis.

Sugary soda habit may harm kidneys

The new study showed an association between drinking soda and an increased risk of kidney damage, but it didn't necessarily prove that soda is the culprit.

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