Updated 25 July 2016

TENA products offer the best protection against bladder weakness

Urinary incontinence or bladder weakness is a condition that many people experience, but are often embarrassed to talk about.


Urinary incontinence is a common condition – more than most people realise – but no-one wants to talk about it.

Many people even feel uncomfortable discussing it with their doctors, so instead they use sanitary towels, paper towels, cardboard, clothes pegs – all kinds of homemade solutions – to try and manage the problem themselves.

This is not very effective, because the two biggest concerns people with incontinence have are leakage and odour control. And those homemade solutions just don’t do the trick – nor do they address the effects of what constant contact with urine does to the skin.

And yet there’s no need to be uncomfortable, because many people manage their incontinence with great ease, and manage to live a full life.

There are many ways to manage urinary incontinence, depending on what kind you have, how severe it is, and what’s causing it, but if you need to catch those drips, there is an amazing range of purpose-made products out there – and it doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to wear adult diapers for the rest of your life.

TENA is a global leader in the manufacture of purpose-made incontinence products, and they make products in a wide range of absorbencies and styles. There are tiny pads for light incontinence, the size of a pantyliner, and bigger pads – shaped to be the best fit for the male and female anatomies – when more absorbency is required. There are products that look like normal underwear. There are adult diapers that have been designed with carers in mind.

And the overriding focus is on dignity and care for the wearer – excellent absorbency, no leakage, good odour control, and ease of use. You will never feel wet, because they’re designed to absorb evenly, and odour control is built into every product.

Other solutions simply aren’t designed to cope with urine, which behaves differently to blood, and even to water, because urine contains various salts that affect the way it is absorbed. A purpose-made incontinence product from TENA will mean you can live your life to the full in spite of your incontinence – without ever having to worry about leaking or odour.

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