Heart Health

Treatment for heart disease


Emergency treatment for heart attacks

Loved ones are often concerned about methods of handling another heart attack. Emergency treatment can save a life. All family members should know how to use it.

Pacemakers set the pace

When things go wrong with your heart's natural pacemaker, the tempo of your heartbeat can be corrected by a nifty device known as a pacemaker.

Gallery: heart bypass surgery

Every year, more than 8 000 heart bypass operations are performed in South Africa. Here are the pictures of one of them.

A look at bypass surgery

Coronary bypass surgery have been considered a routine operation for more than 30 years. In South Africa, approximately 8 400 coronary bypass operations are performed per year.

Should you be on statins?

Statins have an amazing track record. Hundreds of thousands of South Africans take them every day to stave off heart attacks and strokes.

Catheter ablation

Catheter ablation is a procedure which has been developed over the past few years to treat and in many cases, cure, problems with the conducting system of the heart.

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